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The Lively Computer 

Was an active computer store from October 1989 until circa January 2007. We were actively involved in the world of animation and video production.

The Amiga Computer from Commodore:

We opened our doors as an Amiga Shop. In 1989 the Amiga 500 was a very active competitive platform in the budding computer game market. Amiga's compatibility with, what was then broadcast TV, (NTSC / PAL) allowed many users to forego the expense of a separate dedicated computer monitor and to play a wide assortment of titles just with the color TV they already owned.

The Amiga 2000 was a larger more expandable brother to the Amiga 500. As add-ons and accessories became available, the Amiga line of computers became dominate in semi-pro video production. The most standout of these accessories was the Newtek Video Toaster released at the end of 1990. Amiga retained it's position as a favorite among gamers until the Commodore bankruptcy in 1994.

At that time The Lively Computer was forced to switch it's emphasis from Newtek toaster / Flyer systems to Microsoft PC systems using Canopus Video hardware. Although we still sold and serviced Amiga systems it eventually became clear that neither Escom nor later Gateway had any real intention of further development on the Amiga platform.

In December of 2005 Grass Valley purchased Canopus and disbanded Canopus dealers. We continued to support our existing customer base for another year before moving on.

I now manage Personal Space Ministorage in Lemon Grove.

Tom Lively (me) lives in La Mesa

Gudrun Lively died 31 August 2016

Tim Roberts moved to Texas and died in 2021

Ben Embree lives in San Diego



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